Hey! I’m Anthony!

Avid lover of photography,
family, fast cars, a good
whiskey and adventures.

I have been lucky enough
to have the best couples
and have photographed
weddings all over Australia
and overseas
(yes, I do love to travel!).

Photography to me is being able to click the save button on a moment in time.

Trust me when I say that idea of a huge camera pointing at me makes me feel a little nervous too.

I can promise you the process is very relaxed, unobtrusive and fun. So many couples, particularly the ones that give me pre-warning that they ‘hate photos’ contact me after to say how much fun they had and how the images have captured the best of who they are.

My style is candid with a warm tone. Yes, we will do some posing- but that’s all about the where and when. Your moments are about you and we want to keep the smiles and the tenderness as natural as possible.